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Service-tire change.

Customers have access to a tire change service.


Tire change for cars is 25-30 eur, for SUVs - 35-40 EUR. Run-Flat tires have higher prices - according to the size. You can find out that with the help of our consultant.

Payment methods

Payments can be made in cash, by bank transfer or by drawing up a leasing agreement

For individuals:
In cash upon receipt of the goods or by bank transfer / prepayment, based on an advance invoice.

In cooperation with "UNO Lizings", we offer customers - individuals - to purchase the product on installment. A copy of the client's passport and information about the workplace are required for drawing up the leasing agreement.

For legal entities:
In cash upon receipt of the goods or by bank transfer / prepayment, based on an advance invoice.

By concluding a cooperation agreement, post-payment in the amount of a certain credit limit is possible.


If the order amount is more than 550.00 EUR for one set, then we deliver the set of tires in the territory of Latvia free of charge.

The maximum delivery price in the territory of Latvia is 20EUR.

In the territory of Riga we deliver tires for 5.00 EUR.


Delivery terms:
Delivery time depends on the availability of tires. If the tires are not in stock, delivery is usually possible within 1-3 working days. If the tires have to be ordered from Germany - delivery up to 10 working days (usually 5-6 working days). Ask your consultants about the exact delivery time.

  1. The goods and prices displayed in the online store www.rigasriepas.lv are of informative nature;
  2. 1. During the season, the balances can change rapidly - you can always find out from one of our consultants. This also applies to the availability of tires.
    2. The price of the product is indicated with VAT 21%
    3. Prices and product offer in the online store can be changed without notice;
    4. Rigasriepas.lv product descriptions are created according to the specification provided by the manufacturer, and may change depending on the changes, modifications or changes in the assembly specified by the manufacturer of the product;
    5. Any republishing of information without reference to Rigasriepas.lv is strictly prohibited.


Ordering tires during the season.


If the customer clearly knows which tires he wants to order, then, saving both your and our time, it is very convenient to place the order by placing the product in the shopping cart. We try to work very quickly, so you will receive an answer within the next hour (if there are no unforeseen circumstances - say, sudden (unexpected) snow or similar).